Top 5 Best Apps for Youtube Channel

In this post, I am going to share with you the top 5 best Apps for Youtube Channel which are very necessary for Youtubers for growing the Youtube channel. If you will use these APPS then there is a lot of chance to gain lots of subscribers.

Let’s go to the topic without wasting your precious time and tell you about these apps and also describe the features of these smartphone apps for YouTubers.

Top 5 Best Apps for Youtube Channel

Best Apps for Youtube Channel in 2020


1- Youtube Studio

Youtube Creator Studio App for Smartphone

If you are YouTuber, so you must install the Youtube Video Studio APP on your mobile phone. With the help of this APP, you can grow your channel. When you will monitor your Youtube dashboard so there are a lot of chances to double your subscribers.

Download Youtube Studio

Features of Youtube Studio APP:

  • check the analytic of your Youtube channel Videos and also analyze the traffic source which comes to your videos.
  • You can see an edit option to edit Youtube Video Title, Description, and Tags.
  • If your channel is monetized so you can see Monitzed Tab from where you can control advertisement.
  • Change Your Videos Custom Thumbnail easily.
  • Choose the best category for your video.
  • Enable and disable age restriction on your videos.
  • You can also enable or disable comment options for your videos and also delete and pin the comment.


2- Recforge

Recforg Best Audio Editing and Recording App for Smartphone

If you want to record voice professionally so you have to buy the best microphone for recording which price is too high. Don’t worry, I am going to share with you the best Mobile APP for Voice Recording which name is Recforge.

You can record voice for your Youtube Videos without background noise and with high quality. If your videos voice is clear and high quality then it will give good impressions on your audience. They will like your videos and your Youtube Channel Subscribers will also increase.

Download Recforg


Best Youtube Video Editor

Kinemaster Best Video Editing App for Youtube Channel

3- Kinemaster Video Editing APP

There is a lot of video editing apps for Andriod mobile phone but Kinemaster Video Editing Application is one of the best Video editing APP for Smartphone. You can make or edit your videos professionally.

If you are running Youtube Channel so Kinemaster Video Editor is the very best mobile platform APP for you.

Download Kinemaster App for Smartphone

Feature of Kinemaster Video Editor APP

  • You can make beautiful photo slideshow with perfect and incredible animations.
  • Add Your youtube channel Logo as a watermark on your videos.
  • Adjust videos or images color in this APP.
  • Add Background Music, Voiceovers, and sound effects on your Youtube Channel Videos easily.
  • Make 3d animated logo for your youtube videos.
  • With this APP, you can make intro and outro for Youtube Videos on Android Mobile with this Video Editing APP.


4- PixelLab

Pixellab Best Graphics Designing APP for Smartphone

You may have already heard about this photo editing app if you have not heard about it before so I am going to tell you that it is a very amazing app for graphic designing.

If you are a YouTuber then you must install this app on your mobile because this app is very useful for your channel. It will grow your Youtube channel by making a beautiful and attractive graphic for your Videos.

Download PixelLab for Smartphone

Features of PixelLab Mobile APP

  • Make beautiful attractive logos for your Youtube channel.
  • There is also a 3D option in this photo editing APP, with this option you can make 3d logos or 3d photos.
  • Especially you can make Custom Thumbnails for your youtube videos easily in 2 minutes.
  • Use custom fonts for designing your logo and video thumbnails.
  • beautify your text by using texture, stroke, shadow options.
  • Convert your simple text into 3d text by using a 3d tool.


5- Screen Recorder

Best Screen Recording App for Smartphone

If you want to record your mobile screen for making video tutorials for your youtube channel so I am sharing with you a very easy and simple app with you to make attractive video tutorials.

For example, If you want to review Youtube Video Studio APP to your Youtube Viewers for understanding them full interference of this APP then you have to use this Screen Recorder app for making video tutorials for Youtube.

Download Screen Recorder for Android Mobile

Features of Mobile Screen Recording App:

  • Set timer for recording screen
  • You can record screen on any resolution.
  • Set bitrate 2 Mbps up to 40 Mbps for audio recording
  • If you want to record your voice during screen recording then you have to enable Audio Recording Option.
  • Yes, you can also add a watermark (Your Youtube Channel Logo) on your screen recorded videos.
  • Record your face video while recording the mobile screen by enabling the show camera option.



I hope you will like and happy by reading this amazing article. If you have no PC so you can run your youtube channel with the help of these above-listed best android apps for YouTubers.

If you are running a Youtube channel and want to grow it then you must have to install the above applications to boost your channel and get lots of views and subscribers.

These top 5 best apps will make your Video content excellent. Must set titles, tags, and descriptions for optimizing it for search engines. Share your every video on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.


What mobile APPS are you using for growing your YouTube channel?


If you want to know more step to step guides about these apps then you have to subscribe to our Youtube channel. Dear Viewers, if you have any questions related to these Apps then you can contact us by commenting below.

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