Earn Money With OLX (4 Amazing Ways to Earn Online)

As we know that we can sell our new or used products on the Olx platform but many peoples don’t know that we can earn money with Olx also.

Today I have come up with useful ideas for you through which you can make money from OLX. Yes, you can generate a lot of income by using these impressive ideas.

OLX is used by anyone who wants to sell their item or buy a second-hand item.

Make Money With OLX

Today, I will tell you the top 4 ways to start making money from OLX classified website.

Earn Money With YouTube Using OLX

As you all know, people are making a lot of money by uploading videos to YouTube.

Because YouTube has a monetization system that allows you to make thousands of dollars by showing ads on each video.

There are currently several topical channels on YouTube. For example, Health, Technology, Sports, etc.

So the new guy joins YouTube to make money from YouTube, So he gets confused as to what topic he should choose to create a channel on YouTube.

Today I will share with you this unique idea of ​​making money from YouTube using OLX.

To do this, you must first create a channel on YouTube. For example, I am going to make a channel on Bike Reviews or Bike Buy and Sell. Then I will open the OLX website, And I will open the bike category there. After that, I will start making videos and discuss all the necessary information about this bike and share their pictures. After competing for the video, I will upload it on my Youtube channel. Moreover, we must give an OLX ad link of the bike in the video description. Your channel will get lots of views and subscribers this using this unique earning method.

4 Ways to Earn money from OLX

Buy and Resell Products

I am sharing the second brilliant idea of ​​making money from OLX with you.

Many people from Pakistan and India are making a lot of money at home by using this idea.

As we know, many old and new things are sold on Olx. Most of the old things are in good condition, with a slight difference. All you have to do is buy a little bit of a defective item. For example, You saw a motorcycle advertisement on OLX. The condition of the motorcycle is good, but it has a few defects. Firstly, You have to buy this bike and then it has to be repaired by a good mechanic.

Then you have to take a good picture of this bike And re-upload its advertisement in the same category at a higher price than before. It is a unique idea to make money by reselling products on OLX.

Sell Your Services

If you specialize in specific skills So you can find enough customers for yourself using this platform. You can advertise all kinds of services on OLX. Many Pakistanis and Indians are currently providing their Freelancing Skills on OLX and earning thousands of rupees a month from home.

For example, if you specialize in web development, you have to make a beautiful ad related to web designing and put it on Olx. Advertising on OLX is free of cost.

Many people in the world are making money using this unique earning method.

Earn Money With Olx By Selling Products:

If you want to make money by selling products on OLX, so follow the below steps.

  • First of all, go to the nearest wholesale market and search for your desire product, which you want to sell on OLX.
  • Find out the wholesale price of this product and capture good pictures of the product from your mobile.
  • Now open the OLX website and post your work Ad in the related category.
  • When you receive an order from your client, you will forward it to the customer via courier COD service.


These are beneficial ways to make money from OLX. I’ve seen a lot of people make a lot of money using these methods. You, too, can make a lot of money by following these methods.

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