How to find Freelance Writing Jobs on Facebook (2021)

In this post, I will show you the whole way on how you can make money using Freelance writing jobs on Facebook. As we all know that Facebook is the most used social platform that almost everyone uses daily. Some people use it only for entertainment by uploading funny pictures and chatting with friends and family members. Some people are making a lot of money by working online as a freelancer.

How to find Freelance Writing Jobs on Facebook

Types of Freelancing Writing

There are lots of freelancing writing jobs available. Some of them are Article Writing, Web Content Creation, Social Media Post Writing, Resume Writing, and Products Description Writing.

How to Make a Portfolio of Writing Skills

Whenever someone offers you a freelance writing project, they will first ask you for a sample, for which you have to create your writing portfolio.
How to Make Writing Portfolio Free?
To build your portfolio, first go to the website and make your blog; after that, publish your articles on this blog. When someone asks you for a demo, send him this blog link for Checking your portfolio.

How to Search Article Writing Jobs on Facebook?

There are currently many groups available on Facebook from where you can find clients for your writing jobs. If you want to find these Facebook group so follow some simple steps below

  • Firstly login to your Facebook account
  • Now search “Content Writing, “Article Writing,” “Freelance Writing” in the Top Search bar.
  • Now select the group tab, and you will see lots of FB groups about writing jobs.
  • At the last send joining requests to these groups.

Start Posting Proposals

Alright, Once your Facebook group joining request is accepted. Then you can see all the writing job posts. Clients will post the full requirements of their job. So you can post a proposal on these jobs. That way, you can get a lot of clients from Facebook by following these steps.

Best Facebook Writing Groups for Polishing Writing Skill

If you’re a newbie so must join the below-mentioned FB groups for polishing your writing skills. In these groups, you can learn lots of creative writing tips from the writing experts.

Writing Bad

These groups accept your bad writing, and the members of this group encourage you a lot. If you are a newbie in freelance writing, you must join this group.

Copywriter Café

The admin and creator of this group are Steve Roller. There are many copywriter professionals in this group. Who answers your every question in a friendly way and encourage you. If you are a beginner in copywriting, you must join this group because the group’s professional members share their professional advices in the group; when you follow these advices so, you will become a successful freelance writer.

Female Freelance Writers

Shelby Deering creates the female Freelance Writers group. She is a freelance professional writer, and she made this Facebook group, especially for women. If you are new to the freelancing field, this group is very useful for publishing your writing skills.

Freelance to Freedom Project Community

If you are a freelance article writer so this group is ideal for you. Leah Kalamakis is the admin of this FB group. She shares his personal success stories in this group for motivating group members. She will help you to get success in your freelance career.

Writers Assembled

In this group, you can get full support from admin and other respected professional writers if you will ask any question to get an answer quickly. You can also get feedback from professionals, skilled writers. This group is a closed group, so you must join to see or post your questions.

Inner Circle Writers Group

Grant Hudson creates this private group. This group is not only for established writers, but it is very beneficial for a newbie if you want to do the practice writing to join this writing group.


Final Thoughts:

If you really want to find freelance writing jobs on Facebook then these Facebook groups are very important to start your writing career. Facebook is not only a great way to connect, but It also supports freelancers and provides them a great platform from where they can earn money online by providing their online writing and other skills.


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