How to Make Money Online in Pakistan Without Investment for Students in 2021

In this blog post, I will tell you How to Make Money Online in Pakistan Without Investment for Students in 2021. These all earning money ways are real and legit.

How to Make Money Online in Pakistan Without Investment for Students

It is an excellent opportunity for students, in particular, to be able to earn money online without any investment. So without wasting your precious and golden time, let’s move on to the topic and tell you in detail.

Make Money Online as a Freelancer

A freelancer is an independent person who works independently and is his boss. Using the skills he has, he offers those services on online freelancing websites.

He receives the order from these platforms and gives it to them to complete the work and receives the charges for the service he has placed.

So if you are a student and then learn freelancing skills, you can earn a reasonable monthly income by offering these skills. You will find many videos about freelancing skills on YouTube that will help you learn many online and offline skills.

You can earn money by offering your freelancing skills services on the following website;


Make Passive Income From Blogging

You can make a lot of money from blogging. Many people from all over the world are currently making millions of dollars on blogging websites.

To start blogging, you first need to create your website. You create this website according to your interests.

i.e, if you are a doctor, you will create a health-related website.

Once your website is up and running, you have to start writing articles on it. When traffic starts coming to your website, you monetize your website, and ads of different companies appearing on your website. From which you can generate good revenue.

You can monetize your website through the following advertising programs.

Earn Money With YouTube

If you specialize in any skill, you can earn many dollars online by creating your YouTube channel. Once your channel is created, you can create and upload videos with all the details about your skills. When you have four subscribers and 3 hours of watch time, you can monetize your videos by joining the Google AdSense program, and then you can make money from your videos.

Affiliate Marketing

If you are a school or university student, you can earn money at home by joining affiliate programs. Today many companies are offering offline programs.

Once you have joined the affiliate website, you can earn a commission by selling their products. These include well-known companies such as Amazon, eBay, etc., which also pay very high commissions. You can also earn money at home by selling software, hosting, online tools, etc.

Digital Marketing

Most businesses have gone online since the coronavirus came along. And people hire digital marketers for their online marketing to publicize their businesses and products or services online on social media websites like Facebook and LinkedIn. Pinterest, and Google AdWords.

So you can make money at home by learning digital marketing skills.


As we all know, this is the era of social media. So we have to upgrade ourselves by learning new technology skills to earn by working from home. The skills taught to you can earn you dollars by starting your own online business from home with a guarantee.

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