Make Money on Facebook (10 Best Legit Ways)

Facebook is a mostly used social network that has become part of our daily routine. And it seems we can’t live without it now. We spend most of our time watching Facebook videos and reading articles to entertain ourselves. But few of us know that we can make money using Facebook.


Make Money on Facebook 10 Real Ways

Today, I share with you the top 10 best legit ways to make money using Facebook. Let’s discuss this.

Make Money on Facebook

Facebook Instream ads:

Instream short Video ad is a feature of Facebook. Your video, which is eligible for Facebook’s short video ad, will show a few seconds video ad on this video from Facebook from which you can earn money.

To get this feature, you need to have a Facebook page with at least 10k followers. And this page should be in line with Facebook’s Partner Policy.

Develop Website & Monetize it

The first way to make money from Facebook is to create your website and add unique content. Then you can easily Monetize Your website with Google AdSense or Facebook instant article.

After that, share your website content on your Facebook page or Facebook groups. With this method, you can gain lots of traffic to your website, and your income will also be increased.

Selling Products

If you have any product, you can sell it online on Facebook and earn lots of money. For example, if you have a shoe shop. First of all, create a Facebook page with the name of your store. Now start uploading quality pictures of shoes on it. You can also make money from Facebook by following this method.

Besides, there are many more Buy & Sell groups that are also available on Facebook. You can also get customers by posting in these groups.

Making Facebook Page

If someone wants to create a Facebook page, then make a business branded page for him on FB. And also, design an attractive FB Cover and Profile Image and set it on the page. After that, handover this page to your client and, in return, take money from him.

Selling Facebook Page

Nowadays, people are earning money by selling Facebook pages. For this, you have to create a page on Facebook. Then keep adding good content to this page. After that, keep sharing your content in different groups on Facebook. When your page gets too many likes, Then you can make money by selling this page.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a process in which we get some money as a commission when we sell a company’s product.

To do this, you first need to create an Affiliate product website, and after that, share the product link on related Facebook groups to promote your item and when someone will buy it so you will also get a commission from the company.

Here are some Affiliate marketing websites Amazon, Flipkart etc.

Facebook Promotion

As you all know, this is the digital age, and almost every business is online. And business owners run their ads on Facebook and Google to promote their business on the Internet to attract more customers.

So contact these business people and send them a proposal that you will advertise their business on Facebook, which will increase their sales and make money from them to provide your business promotion services.

Facebook Page Management

Many people are running a Facebook page for business promotion but don’t have time to manage their page. So they hire a freelancer to manage their business FB page and post in it daily.

So you can earn money by getting this online job.

Facebook Graphics

If you are an excellent graphic designer, you can make a dollar from Facebook by providing your online freelancing services. When a person makes a Facebook business page, he needs a Facebook cover image and profile picture.

So you can earn money by making attractive and eye-catching pictures for your client.

Make Private Paid Groups for Learning

If you are a professional teacher or you are an expert in any skill. So you can earn passive income by educating people on facebook.

First, you need to create a group on Facebook and privatize it so that no one else can join it. Nobody can share or see the group post, which is not added to the group. After that, start teaching your group members your skill and share your valuable experience with your students.


Final Thought:

If you will use these 10 online earning methods practically, you will soon start making money from facebook at home. Not only this, if you practice them well then you will be able to open your own software house which will increase your income a lot and you will work like a boss.


If you know any idea about making money on fb so tell us by commenting below. We will appreciate your making money ideas.

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