The Biggest Youtubers of Pakistan | List of Top 10

The Biggest Youtubers of Pakistan

Today, I will show you the Top 10 the Biggest Youtubers of Pakistan who share their knowledge and experience by making youtube videos without any fees.
Nowadays, many people in the world have learned a lot of skills from these online Pakistani teachers. Now, they are earning a lot of dollars by utilizing abilities. Let’s discuss these top Pakistani Youtubers.


Imran Ali Dina

Imran Ali Dina is running a YouTube channel called GFX Mentor. He counted among the biggest YouTubers of Pakistan, and He becomes the first Pakistani teacher to cross 825K subscribers on the Youtube platform. Accordingly, he trained not only Pakistani students but also many Indian students.

Not only that, but he has also already got the Silver Play Button from YouTube by completing the milestone of 210000 Subscribers.

Dina teaches his students about art and graphics designing Professionally by using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop software. Recently, he started the new course about character animation by using Adobe Character Animator.

Hisham Sarwar

Hisham Sarwar is one of the biggest freelancers in Pakistan. And He is also Youtuber, social media influencer, and entrepreneur. Hisham is also a front trainer in the Govt. program Digiskills. According to him, He trained more than a million students.

He gives tips and tricks of freelancing and blogging simply. Sarwar Sahab teaches about freelancing, blogging, copywriting, creative content writing, social media marketing, amazon affiliate marketing, and digital marketing through his YouTube Channel.

Moreover, Hisham also makes motivational videos for peoples to work as a freelancer.

Azad Chaiwala

Azad Chaiwala belongs to Azad Kashmir. He earned the majority of his income from the Internet. As we know, Azad started his Youtube Channel in Nov 2014, and now he has gained 644k subscribers.

After watching his video content, you see that Azad Bhai uploads motivational content on his channel to motivate the peoples to earn wealth from the IT field.

Ismail blogger

Ismail blogger is the king of blogging. He started his carrier with PTC (Paid to Click) websites, and then he joined HYIP (Investment Program Network).

After that, he started blogging and earn a lot of money online. Ismail has trained more than 5000 students. He also teaches and motivates peoples by making videos about Freelancing, Blogging, and Amazon affiliate marketing on the Ismail Blogger Youtube channel.

Tamoor Pardasi

Tamoor Pardasi is a very kind teacher on Youtube. Moreover, He has achieved 700k subscribers on his YouTube channel. He mainly makes videos on short skills for freelancing, Earn money from Youtube, Adobe Photoshop, and tips & tricks related to computers and the internet. Tamoor bhai also gives you an idea about how to make money with TikTok.

Hafiz Basit Ali

Hafiz Basit Ali belongs to Lahore. He started his Youtube Channel called HBA Services in 2019. Hafiz makes videos on Make money online on his channel. Actually,

Also, Basit Ali makes video on Fiverr beginner to advance, Fiverr tips for success, YouTube course and SEO, social media earning, and part-time jobs.

Asim Ali Khokhar

Asim Ali is a young, energetic YouTuber who belongs to Bahawalnagar, Punjab. According to his channel stats, He started his Youtube channel called How to Urdu in Feb 2016. And Asim publishes video content about computers and the internet. His teaching way is straightforward and easy to understand.

Faizan Tech

Faizan tech is the best youtube channel of Network Marketing Guru. And He achieved 80K subscribers on his channel. He started to teach the 100 skills of freelancing on his technology channel.

Abdul Wali

Abdul Wali is an SEO expert and successful blogger. And He teaches professional skills and also gives ideas of making passive income from the internet. And He also sells paid courses about many topics like Affiliate niche websites, Search engine optimization, Youtube, and much more.

Moreover, he is also a professional Instructor on Udemy to teach students many IT-related courses. But He is also running Youtube Channel named Flying to World. Wali got 416K subscribers on his channel. Hence, He travels to different countries and makes Vlogs on his travel and, after that, upload it on his Travelling channel.

Amazingly, Abdul wali aims to visit 100 countries and explore the world by making videos to his youtube followers.

Recently, he visited 62 countries and will complete his milestone by touring 38 more countries soon.

Technical Tanveer Asghar

Tanveer Asghar made awe-inspiring content regarding the Youtube channel. And He made videos about the creation of a studio on youtube, SEO of videos, monetization, and other topics related to earning from YouTube.

Tanveer Bhai also gives reviews of the best apps for youtube channel.

Moreover, If you are also having problems with the YouTube channel, you must visit Tanveer Bhai’s channel. He has made over 250 videos about issues and solutions that people face during the YouTube channel’s running.


The names of the ten Biggest Youtubers of Pakistan I have shared with you are very brilliant teachers. We should encourage such teachers so that they can teach better.
Even ordinary people can arrange a job for himself by watching his motivational videos. We should be grateful to these teachers who share their personal experiences with people, which teaches us a lot.
Such people are a great asset to the country and the nation. May Allah Almighty keep them happy and increase their knowledge And grant them a long life.

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