Tiktok Money Calculator (6 Best Tools for Earning Estimation)

Tik Tok is a platform where people make money by showcasing their talent. If you have the Chinese version of Tiktok, you will not see Tiktok Money Calculator You can estimate TikTok earnings using a third-party tool.

The main function of the Tik Tok money Calculator is to evaluate your payments by looking at the actual times of activities and engagements on your Tiktok account and the number of your followers.

TikTok Money Calculator Best Online Tools

Let me tell you that all of Tiktok earnings come from Tiktok influencers and paid sponsorships. So what’s the use of money estimation tools?

Let us give you a simple answer to this question! These new money estimation tools help you to understand your Tiktok followers, complete profile and your Tiktok account growth rate accurately.

Let’s go to the topic and tell you about these best money calculating tool to estimate earning on your Tiktok account.

Best Online Tools for Tiktok Money Calculator

Let us now take a closer look at each Tit Tok Money Calculator and tell you about its benefits. It would help if you kept in mind that not all of these tools are officially linked to TikTok, they are all third party tools for estimating money.

Tik Tok Influencer Earnings Calculator

Tiktok doesn’t provide earning facilities like the YouTube platform to make money by placing ads on videos. However, they are working on biddable advertisements which will be launched soon after completing work on it.

Nowadays, Tiktok influencers contact brands for the promotion of their products or services. So, If you have a good number of audience and engagement in your Tik Tok account, you will earn the right amount of money from these sponsorships.

The most important aspect is to calculate the engagement rate of your Tik Tok Videos. Brands with higher engagement rates are seen as the best brand. However, there is no official TikTak tool to estimate the engagement rate. Most of the tools mentioned on the internet are not accurate because they do not tell you the exact engagement rate.

We’ve come up with a formula for calculating Tik Tok account engagement. The formula is that (Number of Hearts + Number of Comments / Numer of Followers x 100).

igface Eastimated Earning Calculator Tool

If you are an influencer, so use igface online tool to calculate your estimated earnings from your Tik Tok account. Even this is not officially a TikTok tool, but it is beneficial for earning calculation purposes.

It analyzes your complete TikTok profile based on the engagement rate. You can use this tool to estimate your income from Tiktok. Well, this Tik Tok online money calculator is perfect for estimating income levels. With the help of this tool, Influencers can take a good idea by using this tool to evaluate their current value and then charge accordingly.

The more engagement you have with your TikTok account, the more you can earn as an influencer. This tool has been beneficial not only for TikTok video creators but also for brands and companies. They can avoid fake influencers by using this tool.

Estimating engagement rates for brands are also significant so that they can find a potential influencer for their product to increase their sales.

Ninja Outreach

It is a handy online outreach software for all digital marketers and small business people. Ninja outreach tool is beneficial for finding potential influencers by using Pure keyword research.

Thus, it is an essential and splendid tool for brands and companies. Well, you can access this online software by making an account with your email.

Even though it is not directly used to estimate the money calculation, but this online software tool is handy for collecting a large amount of essential and valuable data.

It allows the influencers and brands to run different campaigns and send editable templates by using this software. By using this Autoresponder Ninja Outreach tool, you get the best engagement growth. Overall, it helps brands to searching targeted websites and influencers on different social media platforms.

Exolyt TikTok Earning Calculator

Exolyt is the best tool that made for calculating earnings on any Tiktok account. Its user interface is beautiful and has excellent features like Premium, Leaderboard, and Trends, etc. It is free to use and has excellent characteristics.

Exolyt tells the significance of influencer marketing for making money on various platforms. And, Secondly the way for advertising your products and services.


FeedPixel helps TikTok users to make money on Tiktok. It also helps to analyze the estimated earnings on the Tiktok account. This Tik Tok earning calculator is a new and updated online version.

When we used this tool correctly, it helps an account to become an influencer and make lots of money by following the right marketing tips and tricks.

The FeedPixel recommends four types of influencers according to their experience named Nano-Influencers, Micro-Influencers, Macro Influencers, and Mid-Tier-Influencers.

We can earn money from TikTok by the same method that we use to earn money from other platforms. Macro-Influencers make money more as they have high engagement. On another side, rising Tik Tok influencers can earn 30$ to 150$ per sponsorship stuff.


Likigram has also started a Tik Tok Money Calculator with excellent specifications. Its user interface is straightforward and easy to use. If you want to get the estimating earning of any TikTok user just put username and see all the related information about his earning. According to Likigram, there are three main factors behind the tik Tok money, for example, hearts, engagement, and several followers. Therefore, you need to take care of these three aspects to make money from TikTok.

You can also buy followers, engagement, and likes from the Likigram website but we did not recommend you. Likigram is very simple to use. It also has some paid services for getting engagement etc.


Every success indeed comes by using the best tools. Our list of Tik Tok Money Calculator online tools are best that help you to grow your Tiktok account and its presence.

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